Hygge Habit


Hygge Habit is a home organization mother + daughter team with a focus on helping people transition their space to a zero waste home or building. They are based in Northern Colorado and work primarily with women 30+ with a disposable income, but an important detail is that they value environmental issues and doing their part to help.

Of specific importance with this audience is that these clients value a certain lifestyle that merges both a cozy home and an organized space that will work for the environment, not against it. These two focuses led to a couple of common themes throughout the logo concepts. The minimal style and soft colors will relate well with the audience interested in this service and help to emulate a calm, organized space.

While all of these designs are meant to show a developed idea of each concept, each will be refined and the chosen concept will be carefully considered and added to until the brand is the strongest representation it can be.

Business card concepts are meant to show how the brand can progress beyond the logo alone and will be refined along with the logo. Additionally, the information shown is placeholder information. 

Below each of the three concepts shows the 1) Primary logo, 2) Primary logo in vertical orientation 3) Secondary Logo/Logo Mark 4) Example of Logo on Website Homepage 5) Business Card Design.



Initial Concepts


Concept 1

The key features of this concept are the strong lines, the subtle H monogram, and the nod to a building/structure. The thing I love about this concept is how distinct it it to your business. Having a name with two words that both start with “H” is a great opportunity to use those letters as a mark for your name, but I like the way that this mark takes it beyond the letter to also create a unique mark.

I think the spacing between the vertical lines effectively shows “white space” and think the fact that the lines aren’t perfectly spaced keeps it from feeling too symmetrical, making it a bit more eye-catching. I know that we also discussed not making the logo “too homey” in case you move into commercial spaces later, but I think while this could be seen as a home, it isn’t so much that it excludes businesses.


Concept 2

This concept is primarily based on text. I wanted to visually show the idea of “taking away” in a subtle way by removing small pieces of the letters. I think it speaks to your process and the service you provide. The text also has a very Scandinavian treatment with the wider, very spaced out letters. Knowing that you like the idea of circularity and the way it relates to zero waste systems, I wanted to additional elements to have a circular theme like in the sub mark and the tagline on the business card.

This option is very clean and timeless and could work well with versatile elements throughout your branding so it can grow with your brand in the years to come.


Concept 3

This option also works mostly with the type but is paired with a monogram.

What I love about this text is the way it subconsciously conveys a message. “Hygge” being the cozy, comforting half of the equation is written in lowercase making it a bit more friendly and approachable. “Habit” being the practice of making small changes to create a larger impact is written in capital letters to show a more serious focus. The line between the two is meant to show the two sides of what you offer to your clients.

As I mentioned above, having two “H” words leads to strong potential for a mark, so I wanted to include a monogram that focuses specifically on the “H.” What I like about this is that the clean, straight lines reinforce the Scandinavian style and the overlapping H’s reinforce the idea that the two actions, decluttering and environmental consciousness, are linked and related to one another.