SAT Bootcamp Colorado


SAT Bootcamp Colorado is an SAT prep course designed to help students prepare to succeed in their standardized testing. A main focus of the branding was to first and foremost maintain a professional and trustworthy appearance. However, in order to appeal to high school students it was also important to match the professionalism with a hip, modern look as well. 

Additionally, knowing that academic testing can be a cause for stress and/or anxiety, it was also a key focus to make the branding friendly, exciting, and approachable. 


  • Parents of American sophomores and juniors
  • Able to afford SAT prep,
  • Working parents or grandparents.
  • Colorado families
  • Online classes and products on a national/international level with students overseas coming to American schools

Key Descriptors: Academic, Collegiate, Inspirational, Fun, Youthful, Intelligent, Inviting, Mindful, Motivational, Enthusiastic, Encouraging

*Note: Business card concepts and patterns are meant to show how the brand can progress beyond the logo alone and will be refined along with the logo. Additionally, the information shown is placeholder information. 


Initial Concepts


Concept 1

This concept has a classic style of a badge or a sticker. It reminds me of a sticker or ribbon you receive as an award or acknowledgement of good work. I think this association makes for an overall welcoming and positive feeling. I think the combination of the badge and the ribbon banner (where Bootcamp is written) could be used in other areas of the branding, such as on the website on in the workbooks. I also think it works well to pair this with a pattern resembling the multiple choice forms (like on the back of the business card) to match the straightforward and classic style of this concept. 

Concept 2 

Whereas the first concept is more classic and something that looks like it would be used in an academic setting, this option is a very modern, more playful approach. The outer shape is based on an actual badge/patch that you would find on clothing. The chevron shape on the pencil and outer, encompassing shape are included to tie in the "bootcamp" idea, a nod to traditional military shapes, but in a friendly and subtle way.  I also wanted to include one option that has a visual representation of the subjects in the test. The single line illustrations provide a lot of opportunity for similar illustrations and icons throughout the brand. I can see this style working really well for patterns relating to the subject for each of the three workbooks .


Concept 3

The words I would use to describe this concept would be minimal, modern, and a blend of high school and collegiate. I think the simplicity overall helps it to read as a modern. The wreath leaves at the bottom work are a nod to a classic established, collegiate imagery but the somewhat more playful make it a nice merger of a high school and college style. It is sophisticated enough to feel collegiate, but playful enough to appeal to high school students. I think the text is also a nice merger of a classic "college" style font and a "bootcamp" style font. I think the wreath leaves and the hexagon shape are elements that can be repeated in the brand as well.