Root & Blossom Photography


Summary: This Denver based photography company was seeking a rebrand as they changed the name from Ratio Photography to Root & Blossom Photography. The name change was prompted by a shift in the understanding of their market and how to appeal to those. 

The market includes recently engaged couples and families who value their memories and understand the value in investing to have the memories captured. 

Key Descriptor Words:

  • emotional
  • honest
  • artistic
  • spirited
  • adventurous
  • genuine
  • romantic
  • natural
  • meaningful

*Note: To envision how the logo will look in use, I applied the full logo to the homepage of the website template you sent. I also included the secondary logo in the space where the template used a secondary mark so you can get an idea of color scheme as well. 



Initial Concepts




Concept 1

What I love most about this concept is how timeless it is. I wanted to include one text only version, and I think the text in this design speaks to the meaning behind the name. I think because of the simplicity of the logo, more graphic elements would complement it well without being overwhelming or overly designed (similar to the way the Mae & Co. logo relates to the additional elements on their website.) I see this working really well with the paint swoosh elements in the rest of the branding. Another positive of this concept is also that overtime you can evolve the graphic elements without needing to change your look all together. 


Concept 2

I think the refinement of this version reads as high end, so I think it would work well in the future as your company grows and your price points increase. One of the things I love about this is the contrast between the hand drawn florals and clean lines of the box and the text. It modernizes the look without sacrificing the elegance of the florals. There is also a nice nod to the name of the company by including blooms. I think additional floral elements would be strong to include in the additional branding elements. 


Concept 3

I wanted one version to feel like it is telling the story of the name. The lines are a little more organic and the drawing a little more literal, but I loved the description of your clients "rooting down and growing, often at the same time" and I think the mark helps to tell the story of the relates back to "the root of the root and the bud of the bud." This particular mark is also very distinct and specific to your brand which I think could be strong. I imagine this would have a combination of additional floral elements and brush/organic lines to use as graphic elements.