Momo Lolo Coffeeshop


Summary: The target audiences for Momo Lolo Coffee Shop are CSU students and Fort Collins locals who live and/or work nearby. Some strong suits specific to Momo Lolo are the friendly staff, welcoming environment, quality coffee drinks, and the community based, family-owned appeal.

The purpose behind the rebrand is to modernize Momo Lolo as a whole, both the overall brand and the space itself. The rebrand will focus on pairing clean lines with elements that still capture the funky, inviting vibe of the space and staff.

Another important consideration will be to ensure the brand has an individualized look that stands out and communicates a different message from other coffeeshops in Fort Collins. It will be important to communicate that Momo Lolo is just as great to grab a cup of coffee on the go as it to arrive and stay for awhile.

Key Descriptor Words:

- Friendly, Efficient/Consistent, Clean, Cozy, Inviting, Community, Warm, Modern, Artistic


Note: While all of these designs are meant to show a developed idea of each concept, the chosen concept will be carefully considered, refined, and added to until the brand is the strongest representation it can be.

Business card concepts are meant to show how the brand can progress beyond the logo alone and will be refined along with the logo. Additionally, the information shown is placeholder information. 

The first two concepts each have two business card designs. While the third concept is shown with the volcano as a part of the logo, I wanted to show how a volcano could be included in another way as well. So each concept has one card version with a volcano and one without. If a direction including a volcano is chosen, there may be further stylization to the volcano icon depending on the logo concept chosen.

Each of the three concepts shows the 1) Primary Logo, 2) Secondary Logo with “Fort Collins/est. 2009” info primarily for merchandise purposes 3) Tertiary Orientation 4) Example of Logo on Coffee Sleeve 5) Business Card Design x2


Concept 1


Concept 2


Initial Concepts


Concept 1

This concept does a great job of blending modern + retro and professional + playful. The slight tilt in the first and last “o” and the added swoosh in the second “m” create a lot of character that captures the quirkiness you want to preserve from the personality of the original branding. Because of the boldness of the type, the signage should be easy to read from a distance.

The font treatment also reads as very welcoming. It has a polished appearance without going to far in the direction of a sterile/white walls kind of vibe. In my opinion, this still reads as local/family friendly but with intention and refinement.

The main thing to point out on the business card design here is that the first back with the paint brush strokes is a way to explore keeping the artsy/quirky vibe, but I think it works equally well with a more minimal straightforward back. If you think the paint elements are a good fit, this is something that could be carried throughout the brand.


Concept 2

I think this concept has a very professional, timeless appearance. The clean lines are very legible and create strong, distinct logo type. I think one of the strong suits of the concept is the visual sense of direction in the letters. I love the way the “feet of the “m” and the top of the “l” point toward one another and keep your eyes moving in a kind of circular fashion. I think this subtly implies a sense of closeness/community. I think this would work well across all platforms, from signage to menus, to website and would appeal to all from nearby professionals to the student population.


Concept 3

While I think it works well to have the volcano works as an element of the branding, I also wanted to include a version that has it as a focal point. I think it’s nice to have a tie in from the original logo and story about the origin of where your coffee beans are sourced from. I think this concept is the closest to the current branding but still takes a nice departure. This concept has the most playful type, but the script is still a modern, very legible option.

Another thing I like about this concept is the overlapping/intertwining of the “L” and the “h” creating a tie in with a community focus. I also wanted to include a version where “Coffeeshop” is larger than Momo Lolo. In either of the above concepts, the scale of the words could be modified for the specific purpose of readability from the street, but I wanted to provide an option that starts out that way as well.