Innop Hub



Innop Hub is an incubator with a focus on entrepreneurship and youth mentorship. Initial campuses will be based in Northern Colorado and then will expand nationwide and internationally. Values include doing good for youth, for the planet, and being community focused. 
Community based, worldwide mindset. 


  • Youth in high school and college
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Local community interested on innovation
  • Mentors from the local community with in depth experience to support youth for real world skill and entrepreneurial support

*Note: Business card concepts and patterns are meant to show how the brand can progress beyond the logo alone and will be refined along with the logo. Additionally, the information shown is placeholder information. 




Initial Concepts




Concept 1

The key idea behind this concept was to describe  being a part of something where you are part of a community that interacts. When doing research on similar businesses. I came across a trend in tech/startup design that was similar across the board. I think this design helps to stand out from the competition while still communication your message. I think this communicates a certain elegance and sleekness that wasn't common in competitors. I can also see the overlapping circles working well as an element throughout the building. For example, I think having these circles with room numbers, on bathroom doors with the "M" and "W" in the middle, or even as a mural on a wall with a quote inside would work well. 


Concept 2

When sketching for these designs, I really like the way that an capital "I" and "H" could interact as a monogram for Innop Hub. I wanted to create a mark that could abstractly represent the initials of the name but also represent the vision of the company. I think the mark represents a community, collaboration, and growth, but if you know to look for it the initials of the company. The mark can be used as an accent in the interior of the building as throughout the branding in general. The rounder letters in the the text are also very in keeping with the industry and give an overall approachable but tech/innovation based feeling. 


Concept 3

I wanted one concept to focus on the idea of "hub." I think this mark communicates the idea of a being the central point of activity  and spreading from there. I think this mark is representative of what you would expect to see in this industry, so I think it would work well and represent the company well. I think there is a lot of potential with this mark to use in subtle ways (as you can see on the business card design.) It would also work well on apparel and products.