Hanning Law Ltd. 


Hanning Law Ltd. is a newly formed law firm based in Fort Collins, CO to serve the Northern Colorado area. While developing the branding, the desire was to create a specific mark for the company that was not based solely on text . Important aspects were to be in keeping with the industry as a whole in order to maintain a professional appearance but take on a modern and distinct look. 

Key Words to Describe Hanning Law Ltd.:
Professional, Approachable,
honest, helpful, responsive, efficient, responsible

*Note: Business card concepts and patterns are meant to show how the brand will progress beyond the logo alone and and can be refined along with the logo.


Key revisions focused on refining the color palette and making the lines of the logo mark thicker. After making the changes to the color and thickness, I adjusted the type to better reflect the mark by bolding the type in Hanning and adding accent lines to the second line of text. In this revision round, you can addition of a secondary color palette as well to use as accents in branding materials. 



Original Concepts

Option 1: With this option I wanted to provide something minimal and distinct. While many law firms use initial marks as their logo, I wanted to use that as the basis of the design but with a fresh approach. To accomplish that I somewhat abstracted the "H" and "L"s so that they are still distinguishable but are very styled to your own mark. I think the simplicity here is the strength of this concept. I would also note that I think with this option in particular that foil stamping the pattern on the back of your business cards could be very effective way to stand out. 

Key Design Elements: Diagonal lines, circles for patterning, foil stamping, simple graphic application

Option 2: Whenever a client presents an idea to me, I always want to explore that idea and present them with a refined version of that concept. I think this is a very classic approach for a law firm and that is the strength of it. It is still a modernized take on the concept and stands out as original to you. One of the things I like about it is the subtlety of the quill paired with the thinness of the lines to make up the columns. Since they are both classic imagery, I didn't want to go overboard on the development of the graphics.  I also like that despite the thinness of the lines, because columns inherently come across as sturdy, it still has a very strong appearance. 

Key Design Elements: Vertical lines, open spacing, shadowing for subtle emphasis on graphics

Option 3: Similar to Option 1, this concept is using an initial mark to create a logo. I think this is a more traditional approach but is still distinct to you. I would describe this as having an overall more masculine feel to it. The bold type makes a strong and memorable impression, but the thinner, more refined type for the name softens the overall appearance, as does the circle encompassing the initial mark. I think the boldness of the mark is the strength of this option. 

Key design elements: Over lapping lines, circles, shadowed text, right angles