Green Thumb Plantscape


Greenthumb Plantscape is a plantscape business based in Loveland, Colorado. Their rebrand was prompted by wanting to stand out from competitors and to change tot the look to be more modern, fresh and creative. A great description of their services is “providing living art that is beneficial and that adds value and enhances the work environment. We believe in the benefits of plants emotionally, physically , environmentally, We are endeavoring to beautify space naturally.”
Their market includes: Interior designers, Architects, Developers, property management companies and business owners large and small!

While all of these designs are meant to show a developed idea of each concept, each will be refined and the chosen concept will be carefully considered and added to until the brand is the strongest representation it can be.

Business card concepts and patterns are meant to show how the brand can progress beyond the logo alone and will be refined along with the logo. Additionally, the information shown is placeholder information. 



Design Process

Each of the below examples explores these ideas in a different way with a brief explanation of each. There are similarities in each, the primary one being the color scheme. The first round of concepts are always shown in the same color palette to give an idea of what they final result will look like without distracting from the designs themselves. The second main similarity is the focus of showing growth in some way using the visual elements in a light and airy style.

Initial Concepts


Concept 1

The primary words I would use to describe this concept are timeless, elegant, and minimal. There are a few details within the lettering that make this distinct and work well for Greenthumb. I love all of the movement in the lower case “g” and the way it looks as though it grew into that shape. I also extended the up and down portion of the “h” and “b” as though they are growing and think the juxtaposition of the lowercase letters really highlights the growth idea in this concept but in a very subtle way. It is also something that can be repeated in other branding elements like in Becky’s name on the back of the card.

I think this logo would work well for years to come and the additional elements, like the leaf and leaf pattern help to make the brand distinct.


Concept 2

One of the things I liked about the geometric examples you showed me was that it’s a nice contrast to the idea of something natural like plants and makes for a brand that stands out in your industry in an interesting way. I started with a leaf in the outline shape similar to some of the examples we looked at, but the leaf could be a different plant shape depending on how you feel about the leaf shape.

I think this shape works well, especially with the option to have the the name overlaid on the leaf shape. Throughout the branding, more of these geometric, line drawing style could be applied to icons, etc. I think this design really speaks to the modern and clean aesthetic.


Concept 3

This option provides a nice balance between the geometric lines but still has a softness with the combination of the script text and the leaf illustration. I think option feels very inviting and has a welcoming appeal. This is the most similar overall to a couple of examples we looked at but I still included a few elements to make this stand out as your own. If this is the option you are most drawn to and want to see more options that are more or less similar to the example images, we can use this as the starting point and go from here!



Option 1


Option 2