Grant & Hoffman Law Firm


Grant & Hoffman Law Firm is a legal team serving the Northern Colorado area offering a range of services including personalized and comprehensive legal work. My thought process when designing all three concepts was to focus on a classic look with versatility in the main logo, submarks and orientation.


  • Maintain a professional appearance
  • Modernize the overall look and feel of the brand
  • Have an appropriate appearance for the industry

Key Words to Describe Grant & Hoffman Law Firm:
Honest, Dedicated, Knowledgeable, Competent, Caring, Experienced, Determined, Thoughtful, Passionate, Loyal

*Note: Business card concepts and patterns are meant to show how the brand will progress beyond the logo alone and and can be refined along with the logo. Additionally in the designs, that utilize an "established in" year, I used 2002 as a placeholder and would update that to be the accurate year your began. 




Initial Concepts:


Concept 1

This option has a very classic style. Because of that, this option reads as very established. The pattern paired with this logo emphasizes the traditionality of the design. I think this works as a strong suit, but that the design still has a fresh look and is approachable in personality. 

Key Design Elements: Curved letters, classic pattern, simplicity


Concept 2

I would describe this option as the most "modern" of the three. The angled lines have a bit of a sharper look and work well to create a distinct mark. The text for your names and "law firm" is still more traditional than not and balances the modern treatment of the word "and". I think the versatility of the vertical to horizontal oritations is a strong suit of this option. 

Key Design Elements: Diagonal lines as accents, diagonal line patterning


Concept 3

I would describe this concept as having a strong and forceful presence with the large scale initial mark, but a simple and professional appearance with the straightforward text. The straight, simple lines and boldness of the "G" and "H" make this option read as the most masculine in my opinion. 

Key Design Elements: Straight lines and dots as accents, square patterning