Fighting Shape


Fighting Shape is a workout program developed from the successful model of an existing boxing gym. It will be developed as a business model and fitness class for gyms and individuals alike.

The target audience for Fighting Shape will be the entity purchasing the workout to implement in their own training programs, either individually or at a gym. For this purpose, the brand should communicate a level of professionalism and overall polished look and feel.

Additionally, the audience includes individuals who sign up for Fighting Shape. While they are in the class, this person (more often than not female) wants to feel empowered, wants to tap into their badass side, wants to push their limits.

This half of the mindset will lead to strong lines and bold graphics. However, one challenge of the brand will be to consciously not intimidate individuals who are new to boxing and hesitant to try it. To overcome this intimidation, the bold graphics will be paired with inviting elements (potentially color scheme and patterns will be used to evoke this half).

While all of these designs are meant to show a developed idea of each concept, each will be refined and the chosen concept will be carefully considered and added to until the brand is the strongest representation it can be.

Business card concepts are meant to show how the brand can progress beyond the logo alone and will be refined along with the logo. Additionally, the information shown is placeholder information. 

Below each of the three concepts shows the 1) Primary logo, 2) Primary logo in vertical orientation 3) Secondary Logo/Logo Mark 4) Business Card Design.



Initial Concepts


Concept 1

This concept started with the idea of creating an abstract fist. As it evolved, the meanings and intention with the mark evolved as well. I loved what you said about a fist being able to represent the five values of Fighting Shape, so keeping five elements in the design was important. In addition to working as a vague reference to a fist, the five lines work to show momentum and movement and also can represent starting small and working your way up in your boxing/training/strength journey. These 5 lines would work well to make a distinct mark for the brand.

The text reinforces all of the ideas above by creating a strong base in your training represented by the bolded letter and creating momentum represented by the italicized letters.


Concept 2

I wanted one version to have a some variety in the composition and provide an option with a very recognizable fist. I wanted to start by having the fist be fairly simplistic, but it could have more detail depending on how you feel about it. The stacked text is a similar idea to the one above by visually creating “levels” to represent progress.

The box encompassing the word shape is meant to bring a strong suit to the logo as a whole since a square is a strong, angular shape. I think a square shape would work well to be able to use as an element throughout the branding as well.


Concept 3

I would describe this option a modern and depicting strength. The text has a very bold appearance and does a good job of capturing a strong and tenacious mood. I think this has a more fierce kind of vibe in comparison to the other two.

The text in this option does a good job of visually representing the boxing workout. A strong start in training that leads to fitness. The italics in Fighting, again, give a lot of momentum, especially leading into to the arrow shape. I also really like the implication of having the “cut-out” pieces of the letters and the letters themselves creating shapes, especially the “A” mirroring the arrow shape but pointed upward.

I think the arrow can be a good element to use throughout the branding similarly to how it is displayed in the tagline on the back of the business card.