Courtney Cyr Design & Events


Courtney Cyr Design & Events is an event planning studio based in Fort Collins, CO serving the Northern Colorado area. She primarily works with engaged couples planning their wedding. Because of the services provided, it is important to be able to attract this market by using the branding to convey a lifestyle and type of personality. 

Main focus: For your brand as a whole, regardless of the logo options, I wanted to create a look that portrays a femininity, strength, and taste in a timeless way. Knowing this is a visual industry where trends change often and quickly, I wanted the logo to be able to be strong on its own but to have a lot of flexibility in the design elements that will be incorporated in the rest of the marketing materials, the goal being to have a timeless, not to trendy logo and create more personality using the extra elements. 

Key Words to Describe Courtney Cyr Design & Events:
Whimsical, feminine, bohemian, honest, positive, and hardworking.


*Note: Business card concepts and patterns are meant to show how the brand will progress beyond the logo alone and and can be refined along with the logo.


Option 1

I would describe this option as the most most bohemian/softest of the three. I think it has a nice "happy go lucky" feeling to it. One of the things I like about it a lot is that looks like a handwriting but Courtney Cyr is actually a font, so you could easily and consistently use this in all your other materials. 

Key elements: Handwritten style font, circular logo, leaf icon accents, patterning using the leaves and natural elements


Option 2

I think in a way this is the most traditional option and gives off a professional and classic vibe. I think the handwritten script for "design and events" balances the serif and keeps it from feeling too formal. This is also a font rather than actual handwriting, so similar to the first options you would be able to use this in marketing materials in the future. One thing I love about this is the ability to include foliage and natural elements without necessarily making it a focal point of the logo itself.

Key focal points: Boxes as a design element for emphasis, subtle flourish accents (also built into the font), fern illustration accents


Option 3

I would describe this as the most modern option. One thing I would point out about this option is that I think it makes you name the focal point a little more than the other two, which I think could be a strong suit depending on how you want to be perceived. I think this makes you the brand. I think this one is a great merger of classic/modern/feminine. There's a lot of room to play with the accents and connect the more illustrated look of the flowers with the more graphic look of the X's and angled lines. 

Key focal points: Diagonal lines, circular logo mark, abstract flourishes of color, floral illustrations