Conservatory Beerworks


Conservatory Beerworks is a craft brewery that will exist in Longmont, Colorado where it will be housed with two other craft breweries. They will create a unique experience to beer drinkers in the area by combining the art of creating music with the craft of brewing beer. There will be a an overlay of a music theme throughout and ideally the opportunity to provide music education in addition to great beer. 


  • 21-50 years old
  • Boulder & Denver metro areas
  • Frequent craft beer drinkers
  • Appreciation for variety
  • Appreciation for and/or interest in music

Key Words to Describe Conservatory Beerworks:
Refined, high-quality, artistic, uncompromising, committed, passionate, sharp, classy

*Note: Business card concepts and patterns are meant to show how the brand will progress beyond the logo alone and and can be refined along with the logo. Additionally, the information shown is placeholder information. 

*The first three options utilize text from a font that would be purchased if that option is chosen. Currently, this text has been traced and is as accurate as it can be, but there are still areas that are imperfect. These can be ignore those for now because they will be corrected when the font is purchased. Additionally, some information areas on the business cards would be updated with the brand fonts.




Initial Concepts:


Concept 1

I wanted to include an option that visually references music in some way. I think including a subtle nod to music helps to draw attention the name of the brewery and helps to start the conversation about the combination of the art of making music and the art of brewing beer. To do this, the "y" is stylized to have the music note addition and the lines to the right of the "beerworks" are meant to mimic a music staff. In addition, the letters themselves are somewhat similar in shape to music notes. 

I would describe this option as the cleanest and most modern in comparison to the other options. Art deco inspired elements would be introduced on marekting materials using patterning and flourishes, like you see on the business card design. 

One of the things I like about this concept is that because of the simplicity and versatility in composition, I can see both the full logo and the secondary marks working really well on apparel. 


Concept 2

Type treatment is one of the main components of art deco style. I wanted to make a version that focused primarily on type with a minimum amount of flourishes or extra embellishment. I think this option is the most whimsical while still being very simple and straightforward. I think in terms of labels and other marketing materials, this logo would work well combined with more elaborate designs and will be very versatile.

One thing I like about this option is that it has a lot of personality. It is playful, but I think still maintains an overall classiness. The letters themselves, similar to the type above, are reminiscent of music notes, specifically the upper case "S". I think the way they have a natural movement of going up and down reminds me of notes on sheet music as well.  


Concept 3

Of the four, I think this is the most elaborate option and the one that really screams art deco. It is definitely the most ornate and detailed of the three. I think the addition of more detailed elements, like the frame on the back of the business card will be a natural fit.

One of my favorite aspects of this concept is that the combination of the shape and the details almost make this look and feel like the sign outside of an old concert hall or theater. I think it evokes the sense of a performance more than any of the others, which I think works well in telling your story of the performance of music and the performance of beer creation. In this concept, the tie is more of a detail within the design than a focal point, but I think it adds a nice detail to hone in on.


Concept 4

While ordinarily, I only include 3 initial concepts, as I was finishing the above concept, I thought it would be a good idea to also show one where the tie and tuxedo create the main focal point rather than a detail of the design. I think this mark works really well as a stand alone design and would be strong in creating a very recognizable mark. I think this one also pretty clearly conveys and art deco style, but without being over the top. I think the detailed lines of the square encompassing the tie icon would play out well in other elements of the designs as well.