Clancey is a photographer based in Northern Colorado, with the ability to travel worldwide. One of the things that sets Clancey apart from other photographers in the market is the creative vision that goes into each shoot and the attention to and execution of every detail .

Brides & grooms/couples in the Northern Colorado area and beyond
- Portrait photography
- Editorial shoots

Key descriptors: Timeless, Natural, Classic, Creative, Easy, Fun, Romantic, Editorial, Unique, Cohesive and Consistent, Fine Art

While all of these designs are meant to show a developed idea of each concept, each will be refined and the chosen concept will be carefully considered and added to until the brand is the strongest representation it can be.

Business card concepts and patterns are meant to show how the brand can progress beyond the logo alone and will be refined along with the logo. Additionally, the placement of the logo at the top of the website and logo mark in the footer are simply meant to give an idea of how each element would work on a blog page. The final design may vary.

Concept 1

The thing I love about this concept is that I think it very closely aligns with the descriptor words you chose. The type has a very classy and timeless look, but it is still distinct. The shapes of each letter are more stylized than most traditional serif fonts (the “feet” at the ends of each letter) so I think it stands out and has a more modern appeal than a lot of serif fonts. The script font to the side are placeholder words for now, but it shows the general placement and effect of having a tagline phrase included to either side.

For the secondary marks, I think this font actually works well to break up your name onto to lines without losing any legibility. I think the “C” with the knot included on the side is a great subtle inclusion to “Tying the knot.” The knot pictured is also the knot used in wedding knot ceremonies.

The pattern on the business card has a floral element included, which I think is a nice way to include an elegant floral illustration without making the main component of the logo a flower. The timelessness of the logo will make it easy to evolve the other elements as your brands grows/trends change. For example, changing the pattern over time.


Concept 2

The thing that I think stands out about this concept is that while it still has an overall sophisticated look and feel, it has a bit of spunkiness that I think helps it to stand out from a lot of brands in the industry. There is something fun and unexpected about it. I also particularly like the simplicity but boldness of the type and including a period at the end. I think it makes a statement and makes sense with the idea of using your name for the business name.

I think the “C” makes a dynamic and distinct mark and would be a strong element of in the branding. On the business card, I imagine the pattern on the back being blind letterpressed (just the indention, no color) and think it would make a really strong statement.

Overall, I think the strongest suit of this option is how simple and straightforward it is.


Concept 3

I wanted to make sure to include an option with an oval element since we talked about the logo being and oval shape. I found the balance felt a little bit off to make an oval the primary logo, but think it works well as an element and as a secondary logo. If this is the option you are most drawn to and want to see more variety and options that involve an oval, I can show you more options in this realm, but this felt like a good starting point.

The words on either side are placeholders as well for now. After having seeing how tagline words would fit in to different options, I think we can work on words to best fit with the visuals.

I think this option does a good job of pairing a more masculine font with a softer illustration element to still feel very balanced. I also especially like the secondary logos in this option and both will be useful for different applications.

Since we talked about having a flower/not having and florals, I thought it could be nice to have some sort of foliage, but included in a secondary way. I can also see a knot being included in the oval or in a pattern if you feel that is resonating with you from the first option.