Choice City Wealth Partners


Choice City Wealth Partners is a team of financial advisors based in Fort Collins, Colorado. As a team, their goal is to determine a plan for each client as an individual in order to assist people in meeting their financial goals. A key aspect of the branding is to cater to a broad audience. Specifically, the goal is to communicate that Choice City is a viable option for different levels of wealth, not only to those with a substantial portfolio to manage. Additionally, as a younger team within the industry, the branding should communicate a more modern approach and overall vibe. 

Key descriptors:
Confidence, Integrity, Customized, Sound Practice, Modern

Clients in the accumulation phase of life; established/emerging professional (maybe 30-65); beginning a relationship prior to the client's retirement.

*Note: Business card concepts and patterns are meant to show how the brand will progress beyond the logo alone and and can be refined along with the logo. Additionally, the information shown is placeholder information.


Initial Concepts


Option 1: 

This mark is a simple and straightforward initial logo. The name Choice City provides a lot of strong options to us the letter C to create a distinct mark to represent your brand. There is also a subtle tie in with Colorado by having the C's styled similarly to the Colorado flag C, while still maintaining its own personality. I think this mark would work particularly well on apparel. Overall it provides a very strong and memorable appearance without being overly complex or complicated. 

Option 2:

I would consider this concept the most literal interpretation of the name and most descriptive of the services you provide but with creative integration of both.  The idea of growing wealth over time is represented by the growth line. The same line can be viewed as a mountain range and has a nod to Fort Collins with the inclusion of the silhouette of Horsetooth in the growth pattern line. The overlapping Cs clearly define your name as well. 


Option 3:

This option is a play on classic graph graphics. The concept still captures the idea of growth by having the C showing a growth with the dimensionality of it, which also makes for a bold appearance overall. This approach is timeless and would work well for years to come.