Refresh Remodeling

Often times when clients come to me, they are enthused about their branding but don't necessarily have an image in mind of what they want the final logo to look like. However, when I started working with Refresh Remodeling, that wasn't the case.

In our initial meeting, he showed me a sketch for a logo idea that he had developed with his daughters. The sketch showed an uppercase "R" with an angled shadow below to create two R's as the main imagery. When a client comes to me with a specific idea, I always want to be sure I thoroughly work through the idea with sketches and come up with a digital rendering. The beauty of presenting multiple options is that I can show you your idea in addition to a couple others. Below are the initial concepts we reviewed. 

After reviewing his idea next to the other ideas, in the end, we both loved the idea of combining the second and third options, keeping his shadowed "R", but also incorporating a refresh symbol. After learning he has an aversion to oranges/yellows, I changed up the color scheme as well. The final version ending up having a lot of versatility and a really strong secondary logo option.  

As his company grew, he applied his logo to apparel as well. I love to see the way clients use their branding elements to strengthen their brand recognition. Knowing that he spends his day working in people's homes, I knew apparel would be an important way he would need to use his logo to maintain a professional and trustworthy appearance. The Refresh Remodeling hats are a perfect example of a great way to use a secondary logo as a primary use.