His & Her Salon

A favorite business owner of mine...and not only because she makes my hair look so great! After meeting once in a social setting, we started to discuss her current branding. From that conversation, and learning she had been in business for about 5 years, the owner of His & Her Salon decided it was time for a rebrand of her business. the primary reason was feeling they had outgrown thier current branidng, which htey had done themselves upon opening. They wanted to grow and expand on what they had to create a more refined and sophisticated look. Her original concept stemmed from shears with a male and female symbol as a focal pint.

It was important to keep that aspect but to refine and develop the idea to grow as the business has. Similarly, the salon had been using a black and white color scheme, so we decided that maintaining the monochromatic scheme would be beneficial for brand recognition with their existing audience. after spending some time at the drawing board, the final design was two lower case "h" shapes to represent the title of the business, with the shears reflected in either side. 

Because His & Her Salon serves clientele of either gender and all styles, it was important to represent that in their logo. The black and white color scheme combined with the visual division of the visual elements helps to reinforce that.