D'ee Angelic Rose Florist

I have had the pleasure knowing the owners of D’ee Angelic Rose Florist for the last couple of years. In that time, we discussed their branding a few times, but never pulled the trigger to begin working on a rebrand. As fate would have it, they decided to hire me the day I launched Good Day Design Co., and I could not be more excited to share their brand reveal.

D'ee Angelic Rose first approached me because they felt their existing logo was outdated and too feminine. Working together, our goal was to modernize and simplify the logo, then develop their marketing materials to create a consistent brand experience.

Having been in business for 8 years, they had some aspects of their existing brand they didn’t want to lose. Some of the criteria we discussed at the onset of the project was keeping the angel icon and the three roses she is holding. The company is named after the owner’s grandmother, Dee, represented by the angel and her three children represented by the three roses she's holding. I love when I am able to incorporate the back-story and sentiment behind the business, so I made sure to leave that as a focal point. From there, I developed three concepts. Across the board, I simplified the angel and color scheme. They loved the circular icon from the first concept and the handwritten type from the second. 


In the end, I combined the elements from each logo they liked best to create the final logo. I also changed and brightened the color scheme. The end result merged a playful approach with a modern flare, which allowed the icon to reflect their personality. 

I then moved on to creating the secondary logos. Working with a florist, it was fun knowing the many uses they could have for secondary marks, from stickers, to custom wrapping paper, to custom packaging. Once we nailed down all aspects of the logo, I moved on to the business cards and social media graphics. 

It was such a fun project to work on, and I was thrilled to be a part of accomplishing their business goals to bring a more modern face to their brand.