Backstop Brewing Co.

The process with this project was particularly fun. I had worked with this client before to brand another brewery. They ended up putting the brakes on that endeavor and began this one in the meantime. It was fun to work together after already knowing each other's working styles. One of the owners grew up playing baseball and remains a baseball enthusiast. His love for the game comes not only from sport, but also from the teamwork and life skills you learn, so there was a lot of sentimentality he wanted to convey. 

Talking with him, it also became apparent early on that while he wanted to reference baseball in the branding, he didn't want it to come across as cheesy or too obvious. They wanted the branding to be inspired by baseball but remain subtle as well as capture the nostalgia of little league and practicing with your friends until the sun goes down. That led to using a chainlink fence as imagery to stir up feelings of summers spent waiting for your turn to bat, playing your heart out with your teammates. The rest of the branding has followed the subtle baseball references. 

Another particularly fun aspect of this brand has been to continue work with them as they grow. We started with the logo as they began the investment process. After several months, they came back for business cards and to begin discussion of labels, website, and merchandise. Seeing how my client's companies grow, and working with them to meet their growing needs is one of the more rewarding parts of this job.