A Tailored Brand

Have you ever purchased a suit? You choose the colors, the style, the fabric, the fit - and then the cherry on top – it is tailored to you. Is it one of the most expensive items in your closet? Probably. But you probably started this purchase knowing that buying a suit is an investment.

Your branding is a lot like buying a suit. It should make you look good. It should make you feel good. If it’s well made, it should last for a long time and make you feel confident about yourself for years to come.

I use this metaphor often, and not just to justify the price of branding services. If you are going to invest in something, it should be worth it, and it should be right for you. You wouldn’t want to spend your hard earned money on a pinstriped suit if you hate pinstripes; the same way that you wouldn’t want to invest in your company’s visual identity but not identify with it at all. Let’s think through this process together.

The Style – If you’re going to feel like a million bucks in what you’re wearing, it needs to fit your style. The first thing we do when working together is fill out a questionnaire to identify your branding goals. Below is a quality spectrum sheet that I review with clients during the questionnaire process. Do you want your brand to be perceived as more traditional or more edgy? More feminine or more masculine? Do you want to read as a luxury brand or have an everyday appeal? One of the most important things we work on together is determining how you want to be perceived; what is your style?

The Fit – Now that you’ve chosen a style and we’ve determined how you want to present yourself, it’s time for a fitting. At this point, you’ve seen the logo concepts we are working on. Now it’s time to tailor these elements based on your feedback until your brand fits your company like a glove – or in this case a well made suit.

The Investment – Say you find a stylish suit in a bargain store. After all you can find a pretty great blazer at H&M or Target. Think forward 5-10 years. That same trendy blazer probably won’t still be in your closet. Why? It wasn’t made to last.
There are plenty of websites out there that offer “A great logo for $20 in an hour or less!” So why not save a little and go with the $20 logo? Because, at the end of the day, you aren’t paying for a logo. The investment you are making is in your brand. You are paying for a visual identity. You are paying for the personality you project to your clients and potential clients. You are paying to build a foundation upon which you will build your business, your brand recognition, and your brand equity. On top of that, to work with a designer creating custom graphics for you is to work with someone who is invested in you and your company - and that is worth more than a $20.