Clancey Brand Reveal

In my opinion you can’t steer wrong with a timeless aesthetic that meets high fashion quality and creatively fueled design elements, and that is exactly the recipe I found working with Clancey, a wedding and editorial photographer.

I’ve gotten to work with a lot of talented photographers and one of the things that amazes me are the differences they each bring to the craft. One of Clancey’s unique talents is his ability to not only capture moments gorgeously but to also create beautiful editorial work, so that was one of the important focuses of his branding. He wanted to make sure that it could appeal to both couples and more curated, editorial shoots.

It’s clear from his work that Clancey has a great eye, an appreciation for natural light, neutral color palettes, and classic beauty that he loves to capture literally around the world. The focuses led to a timeless and elegant logo to match his photography.



Full Brand


I love love LOVE getting to take additional branding elements to the next level by designing additional materials to enhance the client experience - not to mention make the client’s life easier! One of my favorite pieces to work on are pricing guides.

It is the perfect way to make a great impression on someone who’s considering hiring you. I also love the added benefit that is works so well as both a print and digital tool.


An individual who I consider a creative genius and photographic talent - but really how could you not?- made Clancey a dream to work with. I can already see many more collaborations in the future!
*spoiler, packaging and client gifts in the works!

You can see more of his work here!

Are you a photographer or creative business owner? I would love to hear your favorite or most helpful branded items you use in your business or gift to clients?