2019 Growth Tracking

Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals.
— Jim Rohn
Good Day Design Co_Growth Tracking_2019-01.jpg

Can it be that we are already one month into another year? Can someone remind me not to blink again?

In addition to the colder days and longer nights of this month, I often think of January as goal setting season. However, the season is usually short lived and only in full swing the first few weeks of the month.

Trying to avoid the pitfalls of resolution traps and “I’ll do better this year” thoughts, one of the things I love to focus on not only at the beginning of a new year, but throughout all 12 months is the growth of my business. While I feel all the hard work and hours that go into keeping Good Day alive, the only real way to understand progress is to track it. I started a monthly routine during 2018 and couldn’t have loved it more. Simple, straightforward (maybe even old fashioned) this one piece of paper did wonders for me.

I used this worksheet to track my monthly progress across a few platforms:

  1. Instagram Followers

  2. Pinterest Views

  3. Facebook Followers

  4. Newsletter Subscribers

  5. Unique Website Visitors

  6. Most Popular Blog Post

  7. My Monthly Salary (how much I paid myself)

I have seen a few more sophisticated ways to track progress (spreadsheets GALORE) and even plan to implement a few of these strategies this year, but there is something about a tangible way to track these numbers - something about taking the time to physically write it down - that brings a new awareness and realness to these numbers. Not to mention there’s something especially exciting about seeing these numbers grow when you write them down each month!

How do you use this sheet?

A couple of pretty simple steps!

First, download and print it out. Then, on the last day of each month, check each of the categories and fill out the numbers accordingly. I keep mine on a bulletin board in my office so it is always visible - something about “out of sight out of mind” has always rung really true to me, but you know what works best for you. The important thing is keeping a consistent rhythm ALL year. You will be so glad you did and so happy to be able to check your progress with one glance.

I am excited for you, your year, and your GROWTH! I hope this worksheet has been as helpful for you as it has been for me! As always, I’m in your corner!

I’m also curious if there’s anything else you would like to see listed on this sheet you would like to track? Or if you have any other methods or tools you use to measure your business growth? Personal growth? Please feel free to share!