Root & Blossom Photography

More often than not, my clients find me on a referral basis. That is indirectly what happened in this case, and one of few instances we never actually met in person - though it feels as if we could have been friends for years. After seeing Good Day branding work on Instagram for another client (see that project here), Mandi reached out about rebranding her photography business. We hit it off over a Skype call then hit the ground running. 

One of the things I loved most about our initial interaction was hearing her reasoning for rebranding and the explanation behind the new name "Root & Blossom". In her own words,

As photographers, we’re hired to capture some of the most life-changing events in our clients’ lives. They’re moments of great change, growth, and emotion; whether it’s a new life as a married couple or new parents becoming a family for the first time. Our clients are rooting down and growing, often at the same time. Also, this name was inspired by the E.E. Cummings poem “[I carry your heart with me (I carry it in]. 

Can you tell she also has a background in writing?

I couldn't help but feel a sentimental love for this project all the more. Sometimes I joke that in high school, during the poetry section of a class, my best friends and I each picked a favorite poet. Mine, of course, was E.E. Cummings. I always love starting a brand with a lot of meaning behind it, and it’s really the icing on the cake when you happen have special tie to it as well. 

From there, we dove into specifics about their audience and values of the brand. Another reason I love this client - apt descriptions of what they aimed to convey. The pairings of seemingly opposite terms like "romantic with an edge of punk rock" and "eclectic, alternative yet natural, artistic" painted an image of the kind of couple or family who would be in front of their lens.  


This led us into the first round of logo concepts that you can see below. 



I'll give you a quick rundown of the ideas above. The first was meant to act as a versatile logo which would have graphic elements that could evolve and change with trends but always have a strong foundation with a timeless, text-based logo. The second was intended to work as an elegant mark merging a classic floral illustration with a modern, geometric shape and text treatment. The third was meant to truly speak to the name of the company in an illustrated manner of combining the root and the bud with an ampersand drawing. 

The Outcome

After evaluating what we had here, we both liked the idea of using the second option as the primary logo and utilizing the ampersand mark as a secondary logo. 


Services Included: 
Creative Brief, Moodboard, Logo Design, Business Card Design, Social Media Profiles, Branding Guidelines, Instagram Marketing