Helios Landspace Design

This project was a rare treat. It is always a privilege to work with friends, but it always adds a little extra pressure because you really want the end result to be amazing.

To give a little context, Kristen and I met in college through mutual friends. Her boyfriend, Michael, who is a very talented instrumentalist, actually played guitar for the processional at our wedding. It was one of those little details that made our wedding so special. 

Fast forward a few years to when we began our businesses within a few months of one another. We became sounding boards and friendly support systems to one another in those early months. For these reasons, and so many more, I was so excited to work with Kristen when she wanted to uplevel her branding. 

Some of her primary branding descriptors included: Eco-friendly, non-conventional, sustainable, fun, knowledgeable, reliable, practical, listener, planner.

Initial Concepts

Landscape Logo Design Good Day Design Co.

Finalized Branding Direction

After talking through the options we had here Kristen chose the second concept for a couple of reasons. While she is currently a one-woman operation and loved the femininity of the first concept, we both felt the second would be more versatile for her growth as a company as well as more marketable to her client base. Additionally, in her experience, knowing that “Helios” ins’t a very common word, it was a benefit to make it as legible as possible, so we steered away from the script font.