Emily Rose Floral Designs

The way I met Emily Rose is a fun start to our story. Initially, she reached out to me after following me on Instagram. We emailed and scheduled a meeting for the following week. Little did we know, two days later we would be attending the same event - where I would embarrassingly mention not being a designer who "only makes logos with flowers." Emily then introduces herself as, Emily Rose - the florist I've been in communication with and will be meeting soon. 

Cue the horror on my face - but together we laugh, and I tell her she can have an entire bouquet in her logo if she would like. While my floral comment made sense at the time (in response to a question about my design style and clients I work with) it was still the perfect introduction to Emily - easy going, fun to be around, very professional, someone you can make fast friends with. The candid nature of our meeting made it feel like working with a friend from the get-go, and I think it shows in her branding. 

The target market for her company includes couples in the Northern Colorado area with an appreciation for detail and natural beauty in their wedding florals. Some of the key focus words included: passionate, relatable, intriguing, professional, unique, flourishing, lovely, noticeable, progressive, and romantic - one of my favorite collections of branding adjectives to date. 



Original Concepts

Including three distinct directions from the onset is always a key component of my process. Here the different ideas included:

  1. Bold, a little funky, standout from the industry

  2. Soft, romantic, charming

  3. Classic, botanic, professional

Good Day Design Co. Brand Reveal

Choosing the Final Logo

Even knowing from the beginning that Emily was questioning whether she wanted to include a flower as a main design element in the branding, I had a feeling she was going to pick the second option. We met to go over the designs, and she chose the second option hands-down. We both agreed that the simplicity, the descriptive nature of her industry, and the romantic sweetness of the approach made it a perfect fit.

The only hesitation was regarding the lower case treatment to each word of the title, so I showed her what the design would look like in uppercase or title case as well. One of the reasons I like providing options in the logo development process is because I find it to be just as helpful to know what you don't want as to see what you do want. That is exactly what happened in this case. We stuck with the original all lower case letters, and I moved on to the rest of the design elements. 

Good Day Design Co Brand Reveal

Some standout favorites from the project included the enthusiasm and participation from the client - being involved is one of the best things you can do to make the process not just a success, but a smash success. In addition, I love any excuse to make a pretty pattern, so couple that with delicate floral illustrations and you have my heart.

Project Summary:

Branding Questionnaire, Creative Brief, Moodboard, Logo Design, Business Card Design, Custom Patterns, Thank You Card Design, Postcard Design