One Source Cleaning

If there's something I love, it's working with a company with great integrity. When discussing this business with the owner she gave her reasoning for choosing to be a green cleaning company. While the environment was an important factor, her main reasoning was for the health of her employees and to save them from surrounding themselves with harsh chemicals daily, not to mention her emphasis on paying her employees a livable wage. 

I knew right away this brand would be a joy to work on. After owning several businesses in her professional career, Jill had never been through a professional branding process, so this rebrand was a new experience. 

Focus words included: Unique & professional, straight-forward, clear & quality, organized & efficient, and customer service oriented. Knowing her target demographic was the woman in the household, as well as a specialty service to target Air Bnb, hosts, having a straightforward and modern appearance was the utmost importance. 



Initial Concepts:


After reviewing these three concepts, there were a few strong points identified. Though Option 1 was a strong contender, it was ultimately decided that it was too modern and needed to be a little bit softer. From there, she identified the elements that were strongest from each and felt represented the brand best.

Ultimately, I honed in on:

  • The type treatment from Option 1
  • The circle leaf icon from Option 2
  • Combining these two elements
  • Softening the combination of those two elements

Final Design: