Hanning Law Ltd.

One of my favorite ways for a new project to begin is with a client who wants to think outside the box, which is exactly what Brian wanted to do to brand his law firm. Having worked in the industry for some time before branching out on his own, he wanted something a little less traditional and put a modern spin on the traditional "lawyer look." 

Brian had an initial concept to have pillars and a quill, traditional imagery, to form an "H" to represent Hanning. One of the reasons I love presenting multiple logo options is the it gives me space to develop the client's idea, which I will always do when they come to me with one, as well as explore new options.  


Initial Concepts:


After reviewing the initial logo concepts and choosing the first option, Brian's only request was to make the colors pop a little bit more, so I adjusted the color palette to be more in the teal family than muted navy, giving just the modern and lively vibe he was going for.  In addition to revising the colors, I adjusted the type treatment to include a little more variation by bolding Hanning and adding lines as accents. 

Final design: