Hive Theory

You know that feeling that tugs at you? The one reminding you to give back to your community, invest some of your time and dollars to something that matters? 

Hive Theory listened to that call to the utmost. Not only did they listen, but they created a business around this message. Mindy is the brains behind the operation, and when you talk to her, you feel like you are on excitement and idea the best possible way. 

It's been one of my professional privileges to be involved in this company that prioritizes giving back. In addition to her big heart, Mindy's style is always on point. So this branding project was one of dreams with words like sleek, chic, modern, as our focus words. 

From the moodboard to social graphics to printed items, I couldn't be happier to have worked with this company and see how their vision grows and benefits others. 


Do you use your business for a beneficial reason? Maybe you want to learn more about how you can get involved in your community? Talk to Hive Theory about your vision! 

Logo Design, Brand Development, Custom Illustration, Creative Consultation