Red Tail Management

WIth the holidays just around the corner, it feels very fitting to share this project for a hospitality focused brand with the nicest fall color palette.

One of my favorite aspects of working with this client was their emphasis on fun. In their answers to the branding questionnaire I send to each client, the response “FUN!” showed up no less than three times, so I knew that would be one of our most important traits to focus on.

Another favorite aspect of this client was the conscious decision to not have their brand be too literal. Being that the name is Red Tail (after a red tail hawk) the obvious decision would have been to include a bird in some way, which was my initial instinct as you can see in the early concepts below.

However, we all agreed it didn’t feel quite right and wasn’t working with the personality they wanted to convey. Enter the pineapple addition - which turns out to be the international symbol of hospitality. From here things really took off and began to take shape to be the perfect fit for their company.

The combination of the warm color palette, detailed illustration, and soft logo treatment created the perfect combination to represent their brand and appeal to their market of investors, homeowners, professionals, and (of course!) fun people!



Initial Concepts


Final Outcome

Good Day Design Co. Case STudy Red Tail Management.jpg

Services Included:
Creative Brief, Moodboard, Logo Design, Business Card Design, Social Media Profiles, Branding Guidelines, Collateral Consultation