How to Jump Start Your Monday in 5 Easy Steps

After starting this business, even more so than when I had it a 9-to-5 job, I found that it was extremely important to get my week off to a good start in order to have a productive and happy rest of the week. Regardless of whether you're self-employed, implementing these tips is a good way to take control of your week and enjoy your day-to-day that much more. 

How to Jump Start Your Monday in 5 Easy Steps

1 | When You Wrap Up on Friday

The temptation to check out after lunch on Friday is real - I am totally with you there, but before you give in to the weekend mindset, make yourself weekend ready. Take a second look at your inbox, make sure you aren’t neglecting or forgetting any emails, the kind that you opened and meant to get back to later - then pop into your mind at the most inconvenient times. Being confident you have done everything you need to for the week will help you to give in to your weekend relaxation. 

2 | Tidy Up Your Desk Area

I have a pretty strong compulsion to clean our entire house before going on vacation. To me, having a vacation come to an end then arriving home to a messy house makes the plunge back into reality a harsh one and makes at least one to-do list item immediate. Your desk after the weekend can feel the same way. Take a few minutes on Friday to file, organize, and get rid of what has accumulated over the course of the week. Not only will it feel good to walk away from a clean work area, but it will feel even better to come back to Monday morning. 

3 | Unplug

Enjoy your weekend. Overworking, over stressing, and under relaxing is one of the areas I have seen plague other business owners, so it is one of the reasons I try so hard in my own life to follow this advice. The thing is, it is really easy to give too much to your business, so it is easy to see how this happens. But when I saw this happening to people around me, I saw the way it affected not only their lives but also their business. When you don't allow yourself time, your business will start to suffer as well. 

Whenever possible take the weekend off…or if that isn’t practical for you try to only work on the little tasks for your business that you enjoy. I often write a couple of these blog posts or plan out my social media on Sundays. If I don’t give this area of my business a little time on the weekends it tends to fall by the way side, but I do my best to create an enjoyable space to do it by either sitting outside and getting some fresh air or visiting a favorite coffee shop while I work. 

But I really try not to send a lot of emails, do a lot of client work, or spend too much brainpower thinking about my business. If you can't take the time to enjoy yourself why even have a business, am I right? Give yourself that time in order to feel relaxed and rested so that you're really ready for Monday when it rolls around.  

4 | Prepare for the Week

This may sound counter-intuitive to the above point, but take a couple of minutes on Sunday to make sure you know what you have coming up for the week. Don't let this take long or become stressful. When I said a couple of minutes, I really meant a couple of minutes. Whether it's Sunday morning, afternoon, or night, quickly review your schedule for the week and tasks that you need to accomplish. This way, Monday morning when you get to work you won't feel like you need to spend time familiarizing yourself with what needs to get done and there's no chance of forgetting something at the beginning of the week (this has saved me from forgetting a Monday morning meeting more than once) which helps prevent an unneccesarily stressful start to the week. 

5 | Have a Monday Morning Ritual  

I can’t stress this one enough. Give yourself a little something to look forward to on Monday morning…and guess what? You look forward to it! 

This can look like anything that will be productive for you, but it really helps you to get in the work mindset for the week. If you work in an office environment or have employees, even better to create something for yourself and create something at your staff. When I worked in an office, we had a meeting every Monday morning to share our “Highs & Lows” from the week before and go over tasks for the week ahead. It kept out small team close and on top of what we needed to manage. 

Now on my own, I usually wake up and check my inbox while my husband is getting ready for work. Then once he is off, I make a cup of coffee and take a little longer than usual to get myself ready while I listen to a podcast, always one geared toward creative entrepreneurs. It is my time to tap into a creatively engaging topic that inspires the rest of my day and really helps to set my mood and intention for the week. My Monday morning ritual has actually become one of my favorite aspects of being self-employed.

Think about some of those little things that make a normal work day a little better. Maybe you get a cup of coffee on your way in. Maybe this means making a big breakfast with your spouse or going to your favorite yoga class. Maybe it is the time you evaluate where you are with your annual goals and make a list for the week of what you will do to get a little closer to your goals for the next Monday morning check in. Maybe it’s calling your grandmother to catch up. You get my drift here. Whatever sounds nice to you and will fill your cup a little extra, even it adds a little time to your regular routine. 

Mondays happen to everyone, but hopefully, this list will take them from a dreaded alarm clock to a fresh start. Do you have routines not listed here to improve your Monday? What are they?