Brindle Digital Marketing Brand Reveal

If I could "hire" an ideal client, I would base that ideal on Sarah. She was an absolute dream to work with from start to finish. After working in the digital marketing industry for several years and successfully working a dog blog passion project (do yourself a favor and check out it out - adorable!), she knew she was ready to take the leap into creating a full-time business for herself. Having just made that transition myself, I was especially eager to work on this project with her. 

As usual we started by going over her business goals and her services and audience. The key descriptors she wanted to focus on were: lighthearted, simple, modern, confident, eager, clean, strong. Because she had her blog, I was able to somewhat familiarize myself with her general design aesthetic a bit more than I normally would be able to to and hone in on the simplistic, soft, natural appearance as well as the subtle color palette with pops of color. 


Initial Logo Concepts 

The name Brindle Digital was inspired by her love of dogs, specifically her brindle colored pup. Knowing the idea behind the name, we discussed the possibility of including a dog as part of the logo, so I expreiemented with a little bit of both. 

After seeing the dog theme in action, Sarah decided she would rather back off from the dog imagery and let that aspect be more subtle. She did, however, love aspects from two of the options: the composition from the first option and the type treatment of the third option. After deciding to forego the dog imagery, I suggested we use an initial mark instead. This gave me the chance to incorporate the shadowed text, leave plenty of opportunity to create a secondary logo, and keep the composition of the first logo.

Final Logo

From there we arrived at this final logo design using a banner and initial mark in place of the dog. At this point, I also finalized the color palette and typography choices. The fresh and energetic color palette is one of my favorite parts of this brand. 


Marketing Collateral

This has to be one of my favorite aspects of branding projects. Up to this point, each move is really intended to create a solid base for the brand, but the marketing materials are when you can really see the brand come to life. A logo becomes so much more than just the mark. I started by working on the business cards, keeping a limited color palette more and introducing the wavy lines texture and the circular secondary logo.


The brochure and social media graphics were especially fun to work on because it is where I was able to bring in more color and start to really play up some of the graphic elements like the angled color blocking, wavy lines, and simple divider lines.