Courtney Cyr Design & Events

This was one of those projects. The kind that if I could work with this client, her energy, her vision, and her passion for the project every day, I absolutely would. Courtney, of Courtney Cyr Design & Events, is one of those rare souls. I’ve had the privilege of following her career before we met, being a part of it as we work together, and gotten to know her more along the way. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her kindness is the stuff of storybooks and legend. She has compliments of the kindest and truest sort at the ready and offers them generously. If you count her as a friend, count yourself lucky. If you find yourself as a client, then you find yourself in good hands.

This journey started with the goal to improve upon the existing branding she had and have it match into the personality and business she's grown into. 

Focus words included: whimsical, feminine, bohemian, honest, minimalist, positive, and hard working. We started with her logo, business cards, and social graphics and developed all supporting materials from there. 



After the go-ahead on this moodboard, I dove into initial logo concepts. With such a clear vision from the onset, creating three distinct concepts was no problem. Looking at these from the left to the right, these were my main focuses:

Initial Concepts:


  1. A style that closely related to the brand as it is now 
  2. A style I could foresee the brand growing into
  3. A "reach" style that would evolve the brand a bit

Each time I begin working on these three concepts, I have an idea and rationale behind each one. After sharing these concepts in the initial reveal and discussing each direction more, we landed on the same page with option 2.

One of the best parts of this process is the dialogue we have. We both agreed that Option 1 is more reflective of Courtney's current aesthetic, but the point of this rebrand was to create a more "mature" look for the company. Because she had these three options to compare and the clear direction I had, we were able to narrow down to what will be best for her brand for years to come. 

The simplicity, the understated nature of this brand, and the dreamy floral illustrations, not to mention the vision behind these elements (and let's be honest, the woman who shared them with me) has made this one of my favorite projects to date. 

End Product:

Good Day Design - Courtney Cyr Design Brand Reveal

Courtney was generous enough to give me a bit of her time and her answer the following questions. If you've ever wondered about what a branding process looks like with Good Day Design Co., here's an inside scoop! 

Q: What originally made you reach out to Good Day Design Co.?
A: I originally reached out to Good Day Design because I’d heard amazing things about Emily. It only took one short coffee date for me to realize that this was who I had been hoping to find. I remember immediately being impressed by her work right from the start. Her website and portfolio made me realize that she knew was she was doing as a graphic designer. We started planning my rebrand almost immediately.

Q. What were your initial design goals?
A: Initially my goals were simple. Basically I was only interested in creating a more uniform look for my company. But as things progressed I began to realize how important my branding was to me and how little attention I had been paying to it. This is where Emily came in.

Let me start by saying that I have trouble communicating what I want during creative projects. I babble + appreciate many different styles, so from the moment I started to think about hiring someone to create a logo for me I was worried this would be an issue. But it wasn’t. Instead emily listened & took notes on everything I mentioned. She paid attention to even the smallest details and in the end created something that exceeded my expectations.

Q. What was your favorite part of the branding process? 
A: This is probably the most cliche answer, but seeing the final designs was the best part of the process for me. The mood board +  logo brought out some hidden fountain of self confidence that I had buried inside of me and made me feel like a new woman. 

Q. Were there any parts of the process that surprised you? 
A: It surprised me how confident having a legitimate brand made me feel. Courtney Cyr Design + Events is a small operation that only began about a year and a half ago so I am constantly feeling like a newbie in my industry. Working with someone who understands what you’re doing, and sees who you want to be and then takes that & turns it into a beautiful logo or a beautiful font is one of the most rewarding processes I’ve been through since starting my business.

Q. How would you describe working with Good Day Design Co.?
A: Emily is incredible. She’s understanding, listens well, easily understands concepts (even when you don’t do a great job explaining them to her). As a designer her work is unparalleled; it’s clean, understandable, stylist, simple, and ended up being exactly what I was looking for in a design. She works hard, and cares about her clients in a genuine way.

Services included:
Logo design, brand development, creative consulation