Interiors is a lifestyle based interior design company. I love when clients have a vision that aligns with the ideals of the services they offer. As we started this process, it was apparent that Interiors has a unique and very forward thinking approach to interior design.  Their approach goes beyond design and encompasses curating a space that you not only enjoy living in but also that you can effectively organize. Knowing that helped me to know their branding also needed to be feel cutting edge and forward thinking. 

The three initial concepts each utilized a minimal color palette, clean and organized text, a fresh color palette and geometric elements. I have to admit, these concepts as a whole were one of my favorite as a group of three that I have presented to a client. 

After discussing the strengths of each option, they chose the third option based on the playful and modern elements that will come into play in the rest of the branding materials. We had discussed a watercolor element early in the process and the subtle inclusion paired with the contrasting sharper geometric shapes ended up being just what they were looking for.