Ariane Diamonds


Ariane Diamonds is a high end, luxury online jeweler, with potential for a storefront in the future. Multiple price points aim to position Ariane Diamonds as an “accessible luxury.”

Customer service is a main focus of Ariane Diamonds and will facilitate long term relationships with customers - taking them through jewelry purchases from engagement rings into jewelry purchases throughout their lifetime.

Target Audience:

  • First time jewelry buyers in their 20s - 30s, aim to cultivate lifelong relationships for future purchases as well

  • Independent Woman Self Purchaser

  • Long Term Goal: Couples in 50s-60s, celebrating later seasons of life

Key Descriptor Words:
Elegant, sophisticated, luxurious, classic, timeless. exquisite, philanthropic, graceful, opulent, fine, kind, ethical

Key design considerations:
The Ariane Diamond brand will appeal to a primary audience of 20-30 age group. However it is important that all branding principles establish Ariane Diamonds as an elegant, timeless, high-end brand that will appeal to a larger audience as well. The combination of being inviting/service focused and luxurious will be especially important.


Note: While all of these designs are meant to show a developed idea of each concept, the chosen concept will be carefully considered, refined, and added to until the brand is the strongest representation it can be.

Business card concepts are meant to show how the brand can progress beyond the logo alone and will be refined along with the logo. Additionally, the information shown is placeholder information. Each business card has a small diamond shaped mark placed somewhere on the side with the contact information to show where the small diamond could go on the metal version of the card. The business card design has been kept intentionally minimal to ensure it would translate well to a metal design as well.

Initial Concepts


Concept 1

This concept combines a classic appeal with custom approach to your brand. The font itself is a classy, traditional style for the industry, but the uppercase A’s have been customized to create a distinct type treatment. The font on its own is also distinct enough to stand out from competitors and have a recognizable quality.

The main strength of this concept is the ability of the “A’s” to create a visual narrative around your brand. The swoop of the crossbar (the curved, normally straight part of the letter between the two angled lines) is able to visually describe the journey you go on with your clients. The arc is meant to show not only your process of creating custom jewelry, but more so, to symbolize the nature of the keepsake jewelry you create - lasting pieces that are a part of your life. The representation of a journey is especially relevant for engagements and weddings but also applies to any of “life’s treasured moments.”

The customization of the “A” works nicely to create a distinct mark that could be used to stamp into jewelry and lends it self to work well as a pattern as well which also has a very classic, timeless appeal.


Concept 2

I would describe this concept as a slightly more modern take on the industry with an emphasis on softness and approachability. These ideas are reinforced by both the font choices and the logo mark to the right of the text.

The mark was created as an abstracted sparkle that comes from the shine of a diamond. It is soft enough to not feel sharp or geometric, lending itself to a soft, approachable feeling. It also incorporates the subtle Eastern world style you mentioned, especially when used as a pattern.

One thing that helps this concept to stand out from competitors in the industry is the lowercase type. Knowing that customer service is one of your first and foremost priorities, this type works really well with that message. The lowercase letters convey a certain sense of friendliness and accomodation but maintains an elegant, sophisticated appearance.*

*I did also try this in all uppercase letters and included that at the bottom of this concept for comparison’s sake. I think either way works well depending on what message you are going for.


Concept 3

I would describe this concept as the most classic, most “in line” with in the industry. This has a very timeless look and has a strength to its appearance. This would work well for years to come. The great thing about this approach is how established and credible it automatically looks.

The font has some character elements that stand out, which can particularly be seen in the R and O. I would note this is an outlined version of this font (which would be purchased if chosen) so there are some irregularities that would not be seen in the final outcome and some of the characteristics of the font would be more prominent.

The strong suit of this font and the specific traits to the letters mentioned above is that it can relate to the “cut” of a diamond, the removal and shaping of the stone to become the final version in the jewelry.


Concept 4

As I was working on the third concept, I kept returning to the idea of including an option that has a script and/or custom lettermark as a key element of the brand. That led to this concept with a custom uppercase A.

What I love about it is the sense of playfulness it bring yet at the same time an elegance and sophistication. Within the A, there is an idea of intertwining that works as a strong association for the product. The negative space in the A where the lines overlap also imply a sense of layers, which I love for capturing generations of memories or seasons of life.