Amanda Nichole Wellness


Amanda Nichole Wellness is a health and wellness company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Amanda Nichole is the owner and has been working with massage clients and building a team of health professionals over the past 10 years. The rebrand was prompted by wanting to include all of her services (coaching, teaching, and massage) into one cohesive brand.
Their market includes: both men and women in the 25-55 age range who want to invest in their health and make improvements. They are professionals who value convenience and community and have made the decision to value their health. Amanda can work with clients anywhere in the U.S. and abroad, specifically focusing on Hong Kong/Singapore.

While all of these designs are meant to show a developed idea of each concept, each will be refined and the chosen concept will be carefully considered and added to until the brand is the strongest representation it can be.

Business card concepts and patterns are meant to show how the brand can progress beyond the logo alone and will be refined along with the logo. Additionally, the information shown is placeholder information. 

Below each of the three concepts show the 1) Primary logo, 2) Primary logo in one color, 3) Secondary Logo 4) Pattern with Tagline incorporated 5) Business Card Design.



Initial Concepts


Concept 1

The primary words I would use to describe this concept are minimal and meaningful.

I chose a very simple line drawing to create three waves to represent your three main services (a fourth can be added for personal training if that makes the most sense moving forward.) One think I like about this mark is the simplicity and smoothness of the wave. I think visually, it does what we were talking about to tie the services together, that one flows into another.

I think the way the words are displayed also is very welcoming. The lowercase letters for your name in this version are inviting. I think the softness here is works especially well for clients excited but intimidated to begin their health journey. In contrast, have Wellness in all capital letters shows emphasis that the emphasis will be on wellness.

I love the gradient wave pattern in this one and think it works well to show stages of progress and each person’s journey and does a good job of representing transformation. The softness of the waves, again, show a welcoming look that the changes and different phases are all part of the journey. On the business card, I imagine the wave on the wave on the front and the tagline on the back both being printed in silver foil.


Concept 2

I wanted to include one concept that showed a scene, something beyond the wave on its own. We talked about how water and waves can be peaceful and beautiful and cleansing, but can also be rough and dangerous. This concept is to show something that would convey the “end” of the journey, the relaxed and happy feeling you would experience on the beach or in your own “happy place.” After you’ve been in the thick of it and in maybe feel beaten up by the waves, but then reach a sense of peace.

I think the style of the line icon in the works well to convey this and the openness of the space between the lines can help to show display an openness to the process they will be going through with you. I think this style of illustration can also be utilized in a lot of ways throughout the branding as the following pieces are developed.


Concept 3

If I had to choose one word for this concept it would be BOLD! But what I think what makes this concept strong is the way it pairs boldness with a natural look as well. The way the three lines of text are stacked and line up on each side make the boldness feel very balanced and the color variation also maintains a balance so the text doesn’t feel overwhelming.

I think there’s also something very straightforward about this one that works well. Because of that, I think this logo also has a timeless nature about it that would make it work well and to grow with your brand for years to come.

The wave logo emblem matches the softer more natural side of your brand with the soft waves and the uneven, sketchy texture of the edges. The wave itself signifies cleansing and depth and would work well as a strong mark. The pattern element with the gradient block of color work well to represent a less literal approach to the waves and transformation but still give you the sense of movement and growth. I think these blocks of color would be able to be utilized in a lot of different aspects of the branding that bring a lot of energy with the appearnce.

In this concept, I am imagining the wave on the back of the business card being printed in silver foil.


Final Logo Suite